Design, Develop, Create

I'm a Junior at Carnegie Mellon University,
with a passion for designing and developing
sleek, elegant design for technology.
The world craves delightful products.



A collection of a wide variety of projects, research, and software that I've designed, built, or created in the past two years.

Hangry for iWatch
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EdGames Integration
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Product Management Tool
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Phipps Website Wireframes
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Logo Spread
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Grapevine Interface
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Developing Human-Focused Software

Interaction Design

Experience in lo-fi and mid-fi prototyping, iteration processes, and receiving user feedback.

Front End Development

Developing the front end of applications and software in HTML, CSS, Javascript.

Software Development

Experience in Python, C#, Ruby on Rails, .NET, SQL, and database design.


A collection of personal artwork, much of which is done with oil on canvas.

"Jagged Edges"
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"Descendent of My Mother"
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"Wistful Afternoon"
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"The Sun's Rays"
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"Quality Time"
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About Me

Jennifer Han

Hi! My name is Jennifer Han. I am an enthusiast about user interfaces and the front end interactions of technology. Currently, I'm a Junior at Carnegie Mellon University, studying Information Systems and Human-Computer Interaction. I believe there is a huge potential for filling our world with more elegant, more beautiful, and more intuitive interfaces. I am also passionate about education technology, and the ways that the two together have become a blooming area for changing the world, one product at a time. My experience resides in the realms of HCI, Information Systems, education technology, and design. I hope to continue exploring the ways in which these realms blend and interact with each other.


Carnegie Mellon University
SMC 6952
Pittsburgh, PA 15289

(267) 205 3291

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